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娛樂新聞  - (《談請看愛》發片宣傳 - music video 拍攝




「談情看愛」這首歌的music video, 在一間造價500萬、後現代主義的裝潢風格的花藝教室拍攝。但曉琪覺得那地方的色調有點冷,比較不適合她,她本身還是較偏好給人溫暖感覺的地方。

「談情看愛」的music video 部分是描寫被偷窺的感覺。她開玩笑的說自己比較喜歡緊張刺激的,所以應該是扮演偷窺者的角色,但她也不否認被偷窺的確會讓人更感自信。


Featured in Entertainment news in Sept 2000 - Winnie shooting music video for her new song "Talking love" for her new album.  Winnie shared that "Talking love" is her most favourite song in this album as she found that the lyrics described very candidly the woman's perspective on affairs of the heart. 

The music video was shot at a house whose renovation costed NT 5million.  However, Winnie shared that she found the renovation theme of house a bit cold and hard, personally, she would prefer something warmer.  Part of this music video depicts the feeling of being spied on/ peeped upon.  Tongue-in-cheek,  Winnie said that she likes excitement and therefore it is quite likely that she would be the one peeping at others, although she must say that being peeped at would certainly boosts one's confidence.