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下圖:在節目單位安排的狀況下,曉琪以爲自己遇到鬼,被嚇得心媯o毛的樣子。好可憐喔 ^ ^ |||



Date: Year 2000


Without Winnie's knowledge, the TV program team set up four situations to test her reactions in each. 

Set-up One: a poor boy on the street approached Winnie to ask her for money. What would she do? 


Answer: Winnie gave him NT100 and asked him to go for a meal in a fast food outlet across the street.  As she gave the boy the money, she kept telling him that he must go to school and study hard.


In another set-up, Winnie's colleagues secretly took away her purse and handphone from her car, so that she couldn't pay for the car park fees.

What would she do?  In the end, Winnie begged the attendant to allow her to take her CD as payment of the car park fees.


The bottom photograph shows a fearful Winnie.  Through a setup, Winnie thought that she had an ghostly encounter.