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明星一級棒 - (《談請看愛》發片宣傳



曉琪上台灣中視「 明星一級棒」 綜藝節目「談情看愛專輯宣傳。節目中她與兩位主持人玩起“聽電影配樂過門知多少”的遊戲。電影配樂過門一響起,就看看誰能第一時間認出是哪部電影的配樂然後在一堆CD中找出正確專輯。由於曉琪平時最喜歡聽電影配樂,所以這個遊戲對她來説一點都不難。

During the promotion of her album "Talking Love" in 2000, Winnie went on this TV Entertainment game show.  She participated in this game where the producer would play a short excerpt from an OST and she would compete with the two hosts in finding the right Movie OST album from a table full of CD albums.  This, to Winnie, is easy, as her hobby is watching movies and OST is her favourite.