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Jacky Show  - (《談情看愛》發片宣傳-卡拉歌唱比賽)



曉琪為了宣傳「談情看愛」專輯,上「JACKY SHOW」節目。除了演唱「談情看愛」及以前專輯堛滿u愛上他不只是我的錯」,還跟三位主持人表演一段「給我一個吻」、「可愛的玫瑰花」、「巧合」及「情人的黃襯衫」的老歌組曲。主持人康康還以她的經典歌曲「味道」及「可愛的玫瑰花」呈現模仿秀,一下李恕權、一下姜育恆、一下金門王、一下齊秦,曉琪看了都在一旁笑歪。



During the promotion of her album "Talking Love" in 2000, Winnie went on this TV Entertainment game show to promote for the "Talking Love" karaoke contest.  She sang a series of cheery Mandarin oldies with the three hosts and one of them imitated and used their several well-known singers' style to sing her golden hit "Scent" (Wei Dao).  At the end of the programme, she sang a song in Min-Nan language.