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音樂大亨  - (《談請看愛》發片宣傳)



曉琪在「談情看愛宣傳期上「 音樂大亨」節目。節目一開始,她與歌手主持人巫啓賢合唱「味道」,隨後兩個水瓶就在節目中聊生活、歌唱事業、感情觀等等。節目最後,曉琪演唱了「深情難了「Evergreen」及新歌「談情看愛」 。


During the promotion of her album "Talking Love", Winnie appeared on this TV talk show.  At the start of the Programme, she sang a duet with the host.  Then, they talked freely about her life, her singing career, and her perspective on romance.  In closing, she sang a new song from her latest album "Talking love", a former number from her previous album "Shen Qing Nan Liao" and Barbra Streisand's "Evergreen".