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福建移動通信,為了迎接新年及回饋客戶,於2005年1月29日在福建省體育館舉辦一場以“懷舊、經典”為主的“榕耀經典 全球通群星演唱會”。這場演唱會由羅大佑、蘇芮、辛曉琪、姜育恆、童安格、趙傳及張鎬哲聯袂演藝。



In conjunction with the New Year celebrations and as a gesture to thank customers for their support, China Mobile (Fujian) held a "GoTone All Star Concert" on Saturday, 29th January 2005 in Fujian Provincial Stadium starring 7 Superstars, including Winnie Hsin.

Winnie started with one of her best hit "Forever" and consecutively belted another 3 of her other hits for everyone present in the stadium.