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節目中,主持人之一,李維嘉"失戀"辛曉琪得用她的歌聲去為他療傷。唱了改編的《“味道”(想念她的笑、想念她的外套 。。。想念她白色襪子和她身上的味道,我想念她的吻和衣服淡淡煙草味道,記憶中曾被愛的味道)、永遠、領悟。








In Dec 2004, Winnie was invited to be the star guest for a popular entertainment programme in Hunan province of China. 

At the show, she sang several of her popular hits.  Besides singing, she also chatted with the hosts and shared about her first love, specially memorable.  As the guy could play the guitar and sing very well, she then was motivated to pick up playing the guitar. She even sang a few lines from one of the songs he used to sing at that time.  A rare photo of her in her teenage days was also shown at the show.  Very adorable indeed.

The hosts also competed with Winnie to see who can sing at a higher pitch.

Winnie was kind to bring with her a special souvenir to be given to a lucky audience.  The gift is a copy of the "Butterfly Lovers" Musical's limited edition programme booklet.  She also sang a few lines from the Musical for the audience.

A beautiful white piano was specially set up at the studio and Winnie demonstrated her brilliance in playing the piano. 

At the hosts' request, she also sang with them a short stanza from a duet between herself and Leslie Cheung.  She also shared with the audience some good old memories with him.

Lastly, Winnie sang for the audience hew new number "I will also fall in love with another".