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新加坡第8播道 - 也許或者有可能(《我也會愛上別人的》發片宣傳)





曉琪受邀擔任首播那集的評判嘉賓。節目邀請5位參賽者, 讓評判與觀眾仔細觀察,從他們的外形、談吐以及和主持人的對話中猜出哪位是真正的鋼管舞蹈員。



This is the Singapore version of Taiwanese [Guess Guess Guess] entertainment show.  In each episode, invited guests and audience are to guess who is the real one from a specific profession from 5 participants.

In this episode where Winnie was invited to be the star guest, she and two other guests had to guess who amongst 5 participants is a real pole dancer.

Well, none guessed it right in this episode. :P