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新加坡都會台 - 辛曉琪專訪(《我也會愛上別人的》發片宣傳)






近況 - 這張新歌加精選的專輯雖然只有6首的新歌,可是卻做了一年多。除了做了一年多的唱片之外,在去年(2003年)演了一部音樂劇 - 梁祝。梁祝花了她前後3、4個月的時間,完全就沒做其他的任何事情,專心投注在這音樂劇上。

自己的希望與快樂的來源 - 自己當歌手那麼久之後,仍然可以唱著自己喜歡的歌,還是一樣可以做自己最喜歡的音樂,覺得自己很幸運,很幸福。凡事,不管是工作、生活、甚至于將來談感情,覺得都要以快樂為優先的考量,最起碼她現在目前做得到, 她是很開心的。父母親還有自己的親朋好友、家人都很健健康康的,這也是她最大的快樂 - 大家都平安健康。

工作 - 覺得自己是屬於那種勞碌命的。如果很忙的時候,就會很開心,整個身體狀況就會非常好。可是如果一沒事情賦閑在家堛漁伬唌A就會覺得渾身不對勁,可能就小毛病就會跑出來。所以 她是很喜歡工作的,而且可以說有工作狂,一旦工作的時候就很完完全全地投入,也覺得做音樂是她最快樂的時候。

歌迷 - 曉琪說她有一批死忠的歌迷,跟他們有做一些比較密切的溝通。覺得說,有時候也不能因為自己一時的偷懶或自私的想法,就放棄一些自己喜愛的東西,自己唱的歌或自己做的音樂能夠得到即使是剩下一兩個歌迷在聽 她唱歌,她還是會繼續唱下去。那種有被尊重被喜愛的感覺蠻好的。



When Winnie was in Singapore in early July 2004 for a concert performance, the local media, including cable TV,  took the opportunity to interview her.

At this interview, besides introducing her new album briefly to Singapore, she also caught up with the audience on what she had been busy with these while, on her perspectives on happiness, on her work and on her fans.

Although there are only 6 new numbers in her new album, it took her more than a year to produce it.  Besides this album, she also took part in a Musical called "Butterfly Lovers" and spent about 3-4 months doing nothing except concentrating on preparing for the Musical.

On her perspective of happiness, she felt fortunate and lucky that after singing for so many years, she is still able to sing songs she likes and enjoy music.  She added that in whatever she does, be it in work, in life, or in relationships, the important thing is to be happy and she is glad that she is able to achieve this at this point in time.  Last but not least, happiness to her is that her family and friends are healthy and safe,

On her perspective towards work, she felt that she is kind of a workaholic.  She feels happiest whenever she is busy with her work.  She enjoys working, and would be engrossed in it totally; she does not mind being busy and typically her health will be in tiptop condition.  However, whenever she has some spare time at home, she would feel not at ease and may get some minor health problems. 

On her fans, she mentioned she has a group of diehard fans and keeps in touch with them quite regularly.  Because of them, she knows that she cannot just give up singing for selfish reasons or simply because she feels lazy.  Even if one day she only has one or two fans left, she will continue singing as it is rather good being respected and liked.