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東風衛視 - 塔羅魔法心(《我也會愛上別人的》發片宣傳)




塔羅魔法心 一個由魔法大師Maurice 還有天心主持的節目,邀請藝人上節目用塔羅牌揭露他們的性格、内心世界或者算算他們事業、感情、家庭等等等。















In this episode of Taro Cards Magic, through the Taro Cards Master, the audience had an opportunity to get to know various aspects of Winnie’s character beyond the more commonly-known sorrowful image.  In addition, the Taro Cards Master also made some predictions on Winnie’s prince charming based on the cards she chose and gave some advices on her relationship, her career, etc …



Taro Cards reveal that she is someone who is very strict with herself and has high standards for herself.  She is one who aims to achieve more and strive for the best. 

In playing mahjong, she is the type who will not lose her cool even when the cards are tough.  In the eyes of her friends, although she can have a great temper, but it comes and goes very quickly; she is not one who will remember anger for long.

She is still very much one who is not so able to let go.  If she falls in love again, likely she may be head over heels again.  They also revealed that she likes guys who are able to take on responsibility and who are talented and not the muscular type.  She is someone who likes to take care of others, and so, she enjoys being with younger guys. 

Relationship/ Career

However, the card she chose showed that junior guys are not suitable for her.  In handling affairs of the heart, she is still a lot of childlike-ness in her.

She would only meet her prince charming in about a year’s time, somewhere in North America, would be a rich chap.

She will not give up her career totally for her love life, she may stop singing for a while, but ultimately she would return to her first love – singing. She will never give up singing.

She should also concentrate on singing mainly and only take part in musical performances when she has spare time.

She is advised to continue in her current singing style and not make a total change, otherwise she will face lots of objections.

If she wills to sing on, fortunes will be hers, on the other hand, it is more advisable for her not to be heads over heels in her love life.