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中天頻道 - 費玉清的清音樂(《我也會愛上別人的》發片宣傳)






自2003年10月左右,曉琪發片之際再次上節目為大家現場演唱。唱了「我也會愛上別人的」、「當大雨過後」, 還唱了幾首精選歌曲「遺忘」、「承認」。

兩位老朋友一見面,聊得蠻愉快的,聊新專輯、早期曾唱過的幾支廣告歌、一些對感情的看法、人與人的相處、休閒去處等等。小哥對曉琪 的歌路、風格、琴藝包括美腿都讚賞不已。曉琪在節目中分享道:“自己在唱歌的時候,在做音樂的時候都相當的認真,然後希望可以把自己一些生活的經驗或者感情方面的一些感受,可以把它融入音樂堙A大概是這樣,所以聽我的音樂的人,如果有緣的話,就會感動。”


之前唱歌的時候,那個時候的生活的一個感覺是比較嚴肅的,比較輕鬆不起來的感覺,現在,經過那麼長的時間,到處跑了很多地方,經歷過很多事情以後,發覺人還是要快樂,生命其實是很短暫的。我覺得不管是工作也好,談感情也好,都要以快樂為先,工作的時候也是要開開心心的,做音樂也要開開心心的 ...所以現在唱歌感覺上就比較輕鬆,呈現出來的音樂就自然而然會不同。”



This is the second time Winnie went on this programme since last year in Sept/ Oct.

This time, the focus is more on her new album.  She sang two new numbers from her latest album and several of her previous hits.  In the 45-minute show, besides singing, the host Fei and herself made some small talk on some personal views on handling love life, how she spends her personal time, some of the commercial advertisement jingles she sang in the past, her new album, on her singing style that tends to make feel rather soothing, etc. …. Winnie shared that she is one who likes to share her feelings and personal experiences with others through her songs.  Fei expressed her admiration for her talents in playing the piano and her other asset - her beautiful legs.  Winnie shared that in the past, she tends to be a more serious person, but after these years, after going to so many places, meeting so many people and experiencing so much, she begins to think that since life is so short, one should live happily, whether in work or in love life.