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TVBS 娛樂新聞(《我也會愛上別人的》音樂會宣傳)





這算是曉琪在這次發片宣傳期內第二次上TVBS 的娛樂新聞,但兩次是接受不同的主持人訪問。上次的主持人是陸明君還有林佑威,這次是偶像團體Energy的兩位成員。除了介紹新專輯堛熒s歌還有一些精選曲,還聊了「我也會愛上別人的」music video 的故事背景,小聊了與張國榮合作的感覺, 其中一首她特別有感覺自己的作品「領悟」。還為即將據舉行的「愛上辛曉琪」不插電音樂會宣傳。



This is the second interview by TVBS Entertainment News Programme since she released her latest album.  Besides sharing more on her new songs, some of her best hits, the story background of her new song's music video, etc, she also took the opportunity to invite the audience to her Unplugged Concert that weekend.