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中天頻道 - 康熙來了(《我也會愛上別人的》發片宣傳)






據透露,曉琪這次發片,主動向宣傳提出想上「康熙來了」 這個非常搞笑的綜藝談話節目,因為她相當喜歡看這個節目。


節目中,以輕鬆、搞笑、坦白的方式聊了曉琪的偶像(Michael Jackson)、從前念書的事跡、教鋼琴的經驗、談戀愛的經歷等等,在張國榮演唱會當嘉賓的情景,兩人私底下相處的美好回憶,還跟小S比秀美腿。切入話題的方式還真的蠻勁爆的,但是她同學看過節目後卻表示那就是私底下的她!



This is a rather well-known and popular comedy-styled entertainment talk show in Taiwan.  Guests from all walks of life are invited to appear in the programme.  No matter who they are, artistes, politicians, etc, the two hilarious hosts would then interview the hosts and touch on “taboo” issues in an extremely funny, teasing, sometimes unimaginable manner.  Many guests may find the two hosts too “challenging” to handle.  Many people perhaps have not expected Winnie to appear in this programme.  Perhaps due to her status in the circle, many programme hosts when interviewing her would tend to take a more “respectful” approach.  She is more publicly known to be a serious person.  However, Winnie revealed during the programme that she personally love this show so much that she will make it a point to watch it whenever she is at home.  And so, when she released her new album, she told her colleague organising her publicity affairs that she would love to appear in this programme. 

At the show, the hosts touched on perceived-to-be-sensitive issues and led her to share more about her first boyfriend, her ex-marriage, her former junior boyfriend, etc.

Not only was she not offended, she shared rather openly and responded to the hosts in an open, light-hearted and “all-off” style.

Those who have watched Winnie in the show would find it refreshing to have undiscovered that Winnie in fact can be so hilarious too.  In reality, after her classmate watched her episode in the show, she called her and expressed that this is indeed the real-life Winnie.