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在這集綜藝大哥大,辛曉琪是特別嘉賓。節目中,她不止跟張菲合唱了「深情相擁」, 還在現場的鋼琴及小提琴演奏中,表演聲樂演唱了意大利歌劇,果然美聲天后不是浪得虛名的。





In this champion entertainment variety show in Taiwan, Winnie sang a duet with the well-respected Taiwanese TV host and she also sang an Italian opera “O Mio Babbino Caro" .

Besides singing, Chang Fei, in his typical self, shared his first encounter with Winnie many years back, using lots of words with double meaning, purposely misleading the audience to thinking suggestively to create laughter.  Winnie seemed to only know him too well to take offence; she simply ignored him whenever he talks in that manner, ha ha ha :)