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TVBS 娛樂新聞(《當大雨過後》MV拍攝)





「當大雨過後」拍MV 辛曉琪免淋雨







In the music video of Winnie's new song「當大雨過後」, every cast in the music video had to suffer the fate of getting drenched, except for Winnie herself who only needed to sing while watching the rain through the window of a mansion. 

Winnie shared that although she hopes she can fall in love soon, but typically she finds it not too easy to do so as to start with, it is already not easy to find one with the right chemistry.  She admits that because she is always very emotionally involved in every relationship, at times, it gets really painful when the relationship does not work out.  Although the process of feeling hurt is inevitable, she would try to recover soonest possible.  Some people feels that falling in love with another is one of  the best way to recover quickly  from a failed relationship.  Winnie personally thinks that this is rather superficial as she tends to feel that it is not so easy to meet someone who touches you deeply.