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東風衛視 陶子10e(《我也會愛上別人的》發片宣傳)






在這一集陶子10E堙A節目一開始,曉琪除了介紹自己的新專輯外, 還敍述自己學音樂的歷程。輕鬆的訪談中,兩位還小聊了曉琪上段感情,也跟陶子聊到她跟友人到國外自助旅行遇到的一些難忘人跟事,包括遇到皮包被搶還有跟蹤兩位帥哥警察的經驗。聽了曉琪敍述她如何追小偷把皮夾子搶回來還有如何大膽跟蹤帥哥警察還要求合照,不難發覺其實她雖然是個易感掉淚的人,她私底下也有活潑主動積極的一面。


節目也請來兩位算命大師分別以測字與星象骰子的方式為曉琪算一下自己的感情與唱片公司是否能順利渡過經濟難關。結果都很好。 滾石會順利渡過難關,曉琪的真命天子也即將出現。當中,曉琪也聊了她對滾石的情感。






In this lively talk show,  Winnie recalled her adventurous experiences of chasing after the pick-pocket and trailing two handsome policemen into a pub when she was holidaying with a friend in Spain.  From such, one can tell that although Winnie can get sentimental easily, she is also outgoing, adventurous and lively. 


During the show, two future-telling masters were invited to predict Winnie's love life and on whether her record company could pull through their financial crisis.  Both turned out well; very soon, Winnie should be meeting her Mr Right who would be by her for a long long time; Rock's financial problems would be resolved smoothly and the company would rise up again.  When discussing on the record company which she had been with for the last 11 years, Winnie shared on her deep feelings towards Rock.  To mandarin song listeners around the age range of 30s - 40s, Rock has a special place in the hearts of these.  It is a long-established company which has produced lots of good music and songs which accompanied these people through their growing years.  And even though the costs of producing an album have been increasing over the years, yet the selling price of an album has remained more or less constant over the years, the company is still quite firm in their philosophy of producing good music with minimal compromise.


In the last part of the programme, two long-time fans were also invited to share on their love and support for Winnie.  Winnie also shared the ways which fans made her feel touched.  A little game of guessing the album name by Winnie's albums cover and it proved to be too simple for her two long-time fans.