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辛曉琪到高中開唱 感受新體驗


姜文斌 陳文堂 王煒茜







Although Winnie had been to campus to sing on previous countless occasions, on 19 June 2004, Winnie had her first experience taking part in a high school's extra-curriculum activities.  "Most of the students are very warm.  In the past I had performed in varsities, but this is my first time in High School."  After a long break from such activities,  Winnie noticed a drastic difference.  "In the past, the students will bring you stacks of albums and ask for autographs, but this has become quite rare in the recent few years.  So, please, buy more CDs. Ha."


At the event, the media also took the opportunity to enquire on the latest situation back in her record company, Rock, which was reported to be in a financial crisis due to a fall-through in a contract negotiation.  Winnie shared that she happened to bump into the boss the day before and he assured her not to worry and that all's fine.  Despite all the difficulties the company is facing, Winnie still feels proud to be a member of Rock.  After being with the company for so long, she can see that the bosses are still very entrenched in their belief and love for music.  Even though costs of producing an album keeps escalating, the price of an album has more or less remained at the same level, this is indeed one of the greatest challenge the record company face.