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完全娛樂/ 東風娛樂@ 亞洲(《我也會愛上別人的》發片記者會)





2004年6月10日,曉琪舉行了新歌加精選專輯「我也會愛上別人的」 的記者餐會。 各大媒體紛紛出席並在各台娛樂節目中報道。記者餐會上,曉琪除了介紹新專輯外,還分享了她首度當製作人的歷程,也談了上一段感情的事更不吝嗇的跟大家分享她保持美腿的秘訣。



On 10 June 2004, Winnie held the press lunch meeting for her new album.  Major press media attended the event and reported it in their entertainment news programmes.  While having lunch with the reporters, Winnie shared with them on the new album, her experience of being a producer for the first time,  her previous relationship and secrets on how she kept her legs smooth and slender.