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東風 - 娛樂 @ 亞洲(《我也會愛上別人的》發片)







2004年新歌加精選專輯「我也會愛上別人的」,6月11日發行,曉琪提早幾天上電視通告與久違了歌迷朋友見面 。節目中,曉琪向主持人侯佩岑介紹了這張籌備了好一段時間的專輯。其中提到這張專輯比較難得的是,以往一部電影「青蛇」的一首插曲「莫呼洛迦」和她之前在福茂唱片的「自私」跟「在你背影守候」都被收錄進去。之前跟金祖齡合唱的「The Prayer」也送到韓國重新mix。這次這張精選輯,其實是把它當成全新專輯那樣製作。


除此之外,他們也聊到這次的造型以短裙為主,借此機會好好展現一下令人羡慕的美腿,還有第一主打「我也會愛上別人的」跟它的music video (周格泰導演),更小聊了感情還有生活、音樂劇梁祝等等。





Winnie Hsin's 2004 "New songs + evergreen best hits" Album's scheduled to be released on 11 June.  In this TV show, she shared on several aspects of  this new album worthy of mention.  Firstly, two old songs which she sang under her former record company (Decca/ Linfair) would be featured in this album.  Furthermore, a very interesting track from the movie "Legend of the Green Snake" has also been included.  In addition, a former duet with Johnny King "The Prayer" was sent to Korea for re-mixing. 

Besides sharing on the best hits, Winnie also chatted openly on how she felt about one of the new tracks [I can also fall in love with another], its music video, her love life and the Musical "Butterfly Lovers".