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中國安徽台 - 《超級大贏家》綜藝節目







在節目其中一個名為《紅人館》的單元,曉琪一出場就為大家獻上歌曲《走過》,還唱了《味道》。節目組還安排三位男生跟曉琪合唱《深情相擁》(不過據看過節目的朋友說,感覺有點怪怪 :P)







Just a few days after Winnie completed her performance in "Butterfly Lovers" Musical, she flew to China to take part in concerts and some performances.  Whilst she was in Anhui province, Hefei City, she was invited to be the guest star for a TV programme《超級大贏家》.

In this TV show, Winnie sang a few of her well-known songs, such as 《走過》、《味道》、《永遠》。3 guy audience also had the privilege of taking turns to sing a duet 《深情相擁》with Winnie.  When Winnie shared on her recent involvements, she sang a small portion of a song from "Butterfly Lovers" Musical.


Besides singing, Winnie was also invited to be one of the judges for a singing competition during the show, where she gave her valuable feedback to each of the contestants on their singing.