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中天頻道 - 費玉清的清音樂







曉琪在節目現場演唱了在你背影守候》、《味道》和韓劇主題曲《永遠》。 也許是跟小哥頗熟,所以,在談話閒,也似乎蠻輕鬆自在,還跟小哥費玉清合唱一段承認後跟小哥聊到她第一次到香港錄製電影《青蛇》原聲帶的經驗,甚至清唱了兩句梵文的歌詞;談到《每個女人》專輯婸P人聲團體合唱的《可愛的玫瑰花》時,曉琪唱了此歌之後就乾脆要求小哥模仿原唱者鳳飛飛唱這首歌。結果曉琪是被他惟妙惟肖的模仿逗樂了。最後,這兩位實力唱將還深情地合唱了《深情相擁》。



In this programme, besides singing solo  在你背影守候》, a theme song from a Korean TV serial 《永遠》and  《味道》, Winnie also sang 《承認》with the host, Fei Yuqing.   Winnie shared with Fei on her experience when she went to Hong Kong some years back to record the soundtrack album for the movie “青蛇"。When Fei mentioned he remembers the acapella version of the old song 《可愛的玫瑰花》in one of her albums, Winnie sang a small portion of the song, afterwhich she requested to see Fei imitate the way the original singer 鳳飛飛 sing the song.  She was simply amused by his great imitation skills.  At the end of the show, they sang a beautiful duet of 《深情相擁》.