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鳳凰衛視- 好日子相聚鳳凰台(梁祝記者會)




18/08/2003 梁祝記者會。飾演祝英台的曉琪與飾演梁山伯的王柏森鳳冠霞披在台北紅樓劇場顛覆傳統拜堂成親,幫梁祝這對千年殉情戀人一圓心願並接受記者訪問。


Date: 19/08/2003


"Butterfly Lovers" Reporters' Briefing on 18/08/2003.

Winnie and Berson, the female and male leads in the Musical, wore the Chinese traditional wedding gown and held a mock wedding to fulfill the ill-fated lovers' dream of getting married to each other.  After the "wedding ceremony", they were interviewed by the press.