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娛樂新聞 - (《永遠的戀人啊》演唱會)







Featured in Entertainment news in May 2002 - Winnie in "Forever Lover" concert held in Taipei 2002.  She was excited that her greatly-admired Japanese singer, Kubota Toshinobu "appeared" in her concert through a video clip.  He told Winnie "Thank you for loving me, I love you too!" and praised her for her beautiful vocal.  Why did he say these?  Because a Radio DJ from Taiwan brought him Winnie's "Oh Lover" album which featured a Mandarin cover of his "La La La La Love Song". He heard her song and hoped that he would have a chance of singing with her.  However, in order for this to come true, certain obstacles have to be overcome.  For a start, both of them are under different labels.  

Victor Huang, a talented pop singer from Malaysia, was the star guest in her concert and they sang a sweet duet together.  Winnie revealed that Victor was somehow very amused during the rehearsal that afternoon that they could not even practice their duet properly.  Fortunately, he was very professional and their performance went on well during the concert.