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Super Live 演唱會  - (《怎麼》發片宣傳



曉琪在「 怎麼」專輯宣傳期間出席了兩場TVBS舉辦的兩場Super Live 演唱會。

第一場演唱會,曉琪為大家呈現新歌「怎麼」 及前一張專輯堳雰歡迎的「 承認」

演唱會,曉琪除了為現場的歌迷現場演唱怎麼」、「迷途」還帶來前一張專輯堛「 可愛的玫瑰花」


TVBS-G used to host Super Live concerts every Sunday afternoon whereby fans can watch their favourite celebrities sing on stage. These are the TV telecasts of two concerts whereby Winnie performed in, during the promotion of her album "Why".


In the first concert, Winnie delivered a new song named "Why" (Zen Me) in her new album then and Admit (Cheng Ren) which is a popular song from her previous album.


In the second concert, besides the song "Why" (Zen Me), Winnie also sang another new song called "Lost way" (Mi Tu) and the familiar song "Lovely Rose" (Ke Ai De Mei Gui Hua).