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麗心談星  - (《怎麼》發片宣傳



曉琪「怎麼專輯宣傳期間上「 麗心談星」 接受主持人崔麗心的訪問

在兩人談話中,曉琪描述了自己的個性,除了有大家比較熟悉那多愁善感的一面,她也有開朗的一面,跟比較熟絡的朋友在一起會3 8。她也介紹了新專輯堶惜ㄕP曲風的歌曲,有一半是比較輕快的歌曲。她在專輯堸竣F許多新嘗試與改變,包括唱腔也都跟以往不太一樣,會比較隨性。 由於堶悸漲戚歲ㄚ雃h元化,各有各的特色,所以她無法特別指出哪首是她自己忒娥喜歡的,所有的歌曲都像她自己的孩子,都有感情。







This TV show features an interview with Winnie. In her conversation with the host, Winnie shared on her new album, and her experience thus far in her career of singing. No doubt she can be sentimental, she also has a cheerful nature in her. Although she did go through a difficult time in her relationship, she has since recovered from it even before singing “Understanding”. But in order to bring out the spirit of this song, she has to re-live all the emotions she used to have in the past relationship. As a result, people mistook her as a melancholic character. If one were to listen to all the songs in her new album, one will discover a different side of her. During their conversation, Winnie also shared, she feels very fortunate to have many long-time good friends around her who are there to support and help her in her times of need.

The host asks her, what does she think is in her which makes her so attractive in the eyes of her fans. She admitted that in the beginning, her idea on this is quite vague. Subsequently, through the letters and cards her fans wrote to her and through their messages to her on her message board on the net, she got to know that many of her fans have started listening to her songs since the early days of her career and owns every of her album. They shared with her that they can always relate their life experiences with the songs in her albums. She is just like a friend beside them, giving comfort through her singing.