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Channel V 強檔主打星  - (《怎麼》發片宣傳



曉琪「怎麼專輯宣傳期間上Channel V「 強檔主打星的訪談節目。節目一開始,主持人讓她與大家分享她9月21日地震的經歷。音樂方面,節目對她發過的專輯做了個回顧、也介紹了她新專輯的新歌。最後播了拍攝平面照及music video過程的側拍。


In this TV interview, besides introducing songs in her latest album, Winnie shared on her experience in the massive earthquake which hit Taiwan on 21 Sept 1999. Short video clips on the making of her new music videos and photo shooting session were also being shown.