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Channel V 訪談 - (《怎麼》發片宣傳)



曉琪「怎麼專輯宣傳期間上Channel V節目。她與主持人分享了在這張新專輯堛熒s嘗試與元素 - 比方説比較rock, 比較電子的作品。她也敍述與5位製作人合作做一張專輯的挑戰、對兩個版本的「怎麼」 的不同詮釋、介紹“劇中劇”事的平面設計主持人要她從自己以往的專輯中挑選5首代表辛曉琪的歌曲。“在你背影守候”(第一首讓大家認識她的歌)、“自私”(自己很喜歡的一首歌同時得到很多人的認證)、“領悟”、“味道”(提到這兩首歌大家必定想到她)及“每個女人”(很重要轉變的一個時期)。


This TV show features an interview with Winnie. In her conversation with the host, Winnie shared on her new album, the songs in it, the album cover design concept and her working experience with the 5 producers for her new album.  When asked to choose 5 of her own songs which she thinks are significant in her singing career, she replied, "Waiting Behind you" (Zai Ni Bei Ying Shou Hou), "Selfish" (Zi Si), "Understanding" (Ling Wu), "Scent" (Wei Dao), "Every woman" (Mei Ge Nv Ren).