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Go Go People 訪談 - (《怎麼》發片宣傳)



曉琪「怎麼專輯宣傳期間上「Go Go People」節目。曉琪在節目中談了很多,包括「怎麼」 專輯的5位製作人各自的特色、個性及跟他們合作的經驗。她也與觀眾分享父母親如何在她從古典音樂走上流行音樂這條路上給她的鼓勵及支持。她更深入的描述自己在發了「 領悟專輯後的心情及療傷天后“包袱”,希望大家不要把“療傷”跟“悲苦”划上等號。療傷天后」 可療別人的傷但不一定悲苦,她很早已經走出來了。」 她也談到自己的生活價值觀、生命的感受,最後與大家分享她想演戲劇的想法甚至自己害怕蟑螂的小秘密。


In this TV programme featuring Winnie, she talked about her new album "Why", including her experience of working with 5 different producers for her latest album, including their individual character, working style, habits, etc.

Winnie also shared in-depth on her career after the success of “Understanding” and how she felt when everyone equates her with bitterness and sorrow.  She explained that she has long recovered from her past relationship and her character is not as many perceived. 

She said she is thankful for her parents support and encouragement  for her singing career.

Besides these, she also shared on her values, life perspective, fear of cockroaches and a desire to go into acting.