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921 賑災《回家》演唱會



1999年9月21日,台灣經歷大地震。曉琪除了參與了這場名為「 回家」 的家園重建關懷演唱會也到南投埔里的復活啟智中心探望一些重度與極重度殘障的小朋友。因中心在地震中被震垮,導致中心的小朋友只能待在家中等到中心重建後才可復學。除了到震垮的中心現場,曉琪也去拜訪中心兩位學生的家庭,唱歌給小朋友聽。在這場賑災籌款晚會上,曉琪演唱了「Evergreen」 。


TV telecast of a fundraising concert for the victims in the earthquake which hit Taiwan on 21 Sept 1999.


Winnie sang Barbra Streisand's Evergreen.  During the telecast, a video clip showing on Winnie's visit to a School for Children with Special Needs in an affected area in central Taiwan was shown.  The school campus collapsed during the earthquake and the school needed to be rebuilt urgently so that the children could go to school again soon.


Besides visiting the school, Winnie also went to visit two students in their homes.  She sang for them and her singing comforted them greatly.