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這個節目, 就如名稱《我的成長》,請來曉琪當嘉賓,通過曉琪本身還有好友的敍述加上製作單位扮演片段讓大家對她的成長經歷有更多的了解。曉琪也跟大家分享了一段啓示:忠於自己,讓自己快樂生活,先決條件就是不要傷害到別人。


也剛好配合教師節,製作單位還為曉琪準備了一個小小驚喜 - 請到曉琪好久沒見的國中音樂(算是音樂啓蒙老師)上節目,小敍曉琪在念國中時與老師的一些互動。


In this episode of "My growing years", Winnie was the star guest.  Through Winnie's own sharing, through the sharing of her close friend and through enacting some past events in her life, the viewer gets to know more about her childhood, her family and some of  her past. 

Through a video clip, Winnie's sister also shared on how her hit "Understanding" touched many hearts and helped many through their relationship problems.  As it was Teacher's Day, the show even threw in a little surprise for Winnie.  They specially invited one of Winnie's High School Music Teacher and it was a rather touching reunion.