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TVBS 娛樂新聞 - 辛曉琪香閨大公開



這好珍貴的一段娛樂新聞,介紹曉琪的窩。沿著走道而設的玻璃櫥窗,擺放著各式獎座,包括 。。。Disney 在她演唱《風中奇緣》時頒給她的一個獎項、在香港得倒的一些金槳等,蠻有意義的是音樂學校在她任職鋼琴教師時頒給她的一個十年服務獎。玻璃櫥窗堙A除了獎座,還陳列了幾棟她親手做的模型屋。介紹起自己親手做這些模型屋,她還蠻自豪的。運動方面,她平日 除了溜溜狗外,就喜歡在的 家塈Q用滑雪機做做運動。好難得的,曉琪的愛狗辛皮皮也在節目中亮相了!不過還害羞哦,膽子蠻小的,看到攝影機會怕到發抖哦,心疼死主人了~ ~


Several years back, Taiwan TVBS’ Entertainment News  made a rare coverage on Winnie's home in Taipei.  In her house, along the long corridor, there is a glass showcase on one side.  In the showcase are various awards & trophies won at various music award ceremonies.  One particular plaque was especially significant - it is a 10-year service award given to her when she was teaching in the music school.  Besides these, several model houses handmade by Winnie herself were also displayed in the showcase.

Winnie is a health-conscious person who exercises regularly.  Except for talking walks with her beloved pet dog, Winnie exercised mostly at home using a gym equipment. 

Talking about her pet dog, her pet dog about appeared on TV.  But he was either too shy or frightened by the camera that he kept running away from the screen.  Cute dog.