Singapore's NKF 10th Anniversary Charity Show 2003

(In conjunction with Singapore Rock Records 10th Anniversary Celebrations)


In April 2003, there is an outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) in Singapore.  Due to the epidemic, a host of planned performances by foreign artistes in Singapore were cancelled or postponed.  

Despite all these, a Group of Rock Record's artistes, including Winnie Hsin, decided to stick to their commitment and promise to the NKF patients and arrived in Singapore for the National Kidney Foundation Charity Show 2003.

At one point, National Kidney Foundation (NKF) were considering postponing the show because they felt that it is unfair for the stars to come down and brave everything when others are reluctant to come.

But the Rock Record's artistes felt they have made a commitment and it's unfair for the kidney patients if they cancel or postpone the show.

And so they went ahead with the show – on Sunday, 13 April 2003.

To ensure the wellness of these unselfish and committed artistes, many precautionary measures were taken.  For instance, a press conference and meet-the-fans session originally scheduled was cancelled.  And to further minimise contact with the public, Rock Records reserved three storeys of the hotel where they will be staying.

What remains unchanged is that the NKF charity show was held at the TV Station Theatre with a live audience.

Besides disinfecting the performance venue, an NKF health screening team was on hand to monitor all show attendees, including the stars and their entourage, for Sars symptoms.

Winnie, together with her colleagues from Rock Records, arrived in Singapore on Friday, 11 April 2003 at 2236 hours via SQ871.


Due to the precautionary measures taken on the plane against Sars, all passengers on the flight, including Winnie, had to wear face masks, which was extremely uncomfortable, but necessary.


This is Winnie.  It is especially touching to know that Winnie came to perform for the NKF patients despite the risks involved with regard to the outbreak of Sars plus the fact that she was still mourning for the loss of a good friend, Leslie Cheung.


At the Charity Show,  Winnie performed a solo and sang the song "Forever" from her last album.




Subsequently, Winnie also played the piano whilst performing a duet with Fish Leong, comprising a melody of Theresa Tseng's songs - 但願人長久、千言萬語 & 我只在乎你 .





Great!  Winnie's performance was superb! Displayed great singing and beautiful vocal, soothing to the soul & so heart warming...



Memorable performance.  Through the effort of all involved in putting up this charity show, the show ended with more than 6 million Sing Dollars being raised through more than 1.3 million calls.  Brilliant!