Guest performances

 演 唱 會 特 別 嘉 賓 演 出


 Winnie in Richie Jen's concert


Mohegan Sun Casino Arena

Uncasville Connecticut, US

美國康州大賭場 Arena


 25 Nov 2004  0100 hrs





On Thanksgiving Day, Richie held a concert in Connecticut, US. 

Winnie was invited to sing as his star guest.

Before this, they had, on various occasions, performed together.

Richie expressed that his songs and Winnie's songs are rather complimentary,

hope that the audience will get a different experience. 



Photos Credits:  Julia Ling (Richie Jen's fan)




25 Nov 2004  1400 hrs




 Richie and Winnie sang a moving duet after which Winnie belted out her golden hit "Scent".

Photos Credits:  Julia Ling (Richie Jen's fan)


Photo Credits:  Tim Huang  (Winnie Hsin's fan)

Video Clips (Credits to Tim, Winnie's Fan):

Duet with Richie

Solo "Scent"





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